Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I have been off tumblr and twitter for about a month, and I find myself missing twitter more. Not reading twitter, but writing tweets (toots). I think I will set up a drafts.app action that I can "toot" to a file on dropbox. That way if I ever decide to return to twitter I will have a reserve. Or I may just post them here. As I said, I enjoy writing them more than reading them, and if you know my low follower counts everywhere—it obviously does not matter if anyone is reading.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lemmy tell ya

I was waiting for my order at Starbucks when a guy walked in the door, immediately stepped in front of me, and started talking at me:

"You know what I heard? The Jets killed Lemmy to make sure they won the Super Bowl." I waited for the punchline but he kept going— "Joe Namath killed Lemmy so he could quarterback again and the Jets will win the Super Bowl if the government lets Joe get away with it which they probably will as the Jets are in control of the congress…" I tuned him out and looked closely at his face as he kept talking. This looked like a normal guy, not your standard crazy homeless person. He seemed too clean. He was as big as me, wearing a winter hat and puffy jacket, and his craggy face looked freshly shaven. He might have been in his late forties. "…meaning that Lemmy held the key to the trophy…" He spoke clearly although a bit quickly. "…now that Lemmy's dead they will never find the key."

I realize that his spiel had ended and I was just looking at him blankly.

"Go away," I said quietly.
"What?" he leaned forward.
"Go away," I said in the same soft voice as before.

"PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO TAKE THAT…" he was walking away from me towards the bathroom, ranting about socialism and South Korea and my attitude and aliens.

I looked around the coffee shop, expecting some nods or smiles as to how I handled the crazy person. But few looked my way, and some looked at me like I was a tad crazy. I guess it is not admirable to confront a large crazy man in public and it was expected that I should have played along until he went away on his own.

That is something I am unable to do. Usually I ignore strangers who try to engage me in public1, but this guy was right in my face. I guess I could have said nothing, but I wanted him to stop breathing in my direction.

1 Including (especially?) children selling things outside of the grocery store.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

One of the good ones

I should process this one a little. Source: emersunn on flickr

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Not quite a ragequit

I removed twitter, tumblr, and instagram from my phone today. I also removed my domain name from tumblr, and I have created a Drafts action to post from my phone. I also have a few other write-to-dropbox actions where all the ideas and thoughts go. emersunn.com has come full circle from my own website, to a Squarespace hosted site, to a tumblog, to nothing, finally returning to here. I think my first blog was here. That was long ago.

I am here because it is free and no one can comment. Why have a one-way communication source that no one is going to look at? Fuck if I know. Just to get it out there, I guess.